Using a YubiKey for MFA

Yubikey Provides Ultimate Data Security

"An officer will respond to you to take a report." Stolen identity or data is not exactly what you wanted to happen... In the digital age security is absolutely a necessity. There is so much data on the internet and in your personal or business computers, smart phones, and tablets. 

Log In 4X Faster with YubiKey 4
The YubiKey 4 adds a second layer of protection to your accounts with multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access. Slide the YubiKey 4 into your device's USB-A slot and tap the gold contact. It is that easy! 

Yubikey Offers Solutions

As criminals get more and more sophisticated, better devices are developed for protection. Phishing and hacks can be stopped using equipment that is well designed and simple to use.

What if an authentication device could provide security in other ways? Remembering passwords is cumbersome and there is a lot of wasted time requesting forgotten passwords.... not to mention the frustration of going through that process over and over again.

Yubikey has designed a line of amazing, state of the art products. An unparalleled technological line of defense to secure your phone, laptop, or desktop and all the precious data contained inside. Creating a secure login, along with multi-factor authentication that fully automates with hundreds of websites used daily (Gmail, Dropbox, etc.) can save a lot of time and headaches. And it serves as an exceptional type of MFA because it requires physical touch which cannot be accomplished by a "robot" or online device. Simply insert the USB device and tap - that is all you need to utilize the best multi-factor authenticating product on the market.